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NWP row cleanup today by THA, Arcata Marsh to Bracutt
Sunday 22 Nov 2009, 12:24
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In preparation for running the speeder on Monday for the trails video between Arcata and Bracutt, Timber Heritage Association was able to clear most of the track today. We just made it good enough to run a speeder. Still a little bit of clearing of brush. Also scrape the dirt off, the rails, and out of the flange-ways of the trail crossing in the marsh. Nothing big on the trail crossing mind you, most people won’t even notice.

It is always interesting to visit the row in the marsh, it is getting more, and more artsy. With painted ties, and stuff nailed to it.

I do have to question those who say the railroad row has to be dug up because of dioxin. What about all these places with old pilings?

Tomorrow we will be meeting at 10am at the roundhouse in Samoa to load up the speeder to do test rides on this section of track. Don’t want to have problems on Monday. Last I heard, the speeder will be loaded up on Monday, at 8am at the roundhouse in Samoa.



Im confused. what are they trying to do exactly?

Comment by Chad Gustafson

Larry, sounds like a lot of progress is being made. Last time I was at the Arcata Marsh (August) a portion of the tracks had been removed. Is that why the speeder has to be transported to Arcata? Looking forward to an update on Monday too!

Comment by Shawn

[…] NWP row cleanup today by THA, Arcata Marsh to Bracutt […]

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Well this is to support the trails effort.

The speeder had to be transported for many reasons. It had to be put on a trailer, just to get it out of Samoa roundhouse complex. We have no rails yet connecting to the mainline. We still have thick brush/tree clearing to do, just to get out of Manila. V st in Arcata would have to put down 2×4’s to cross it. Arcata removed the rails at that crossing. Just quicker, right now.

I posted Monday’s report from Marcus. I had to work.

Comment by capdiamont

Oh, sorry, I forgot about the rails removed by the city of Arcata, for marsh expansion. That part would be easy to put back in to service. It is located just north of the I street crossing.

Comment by capdiamont

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