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NWP area news
Wednesday 18 Nov 2009, 08:52
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I don’t know how I keep missing this but we have a nice new NWP social website. I added it to the links, finally. Northwestern Pacific Railroad Network

NCRA meeting 18 Nov 2009 Eureka, CA I’ve had the audio file up a little bit, but didn’t post about it.

NVR: New traffic lights to ease clog of track work

Not NWP area. LA Times: Schwarzenegger quietly quashed effort to improve commuter rails

MIJ: Highway 101 bike path in San Rafael delayed

The final phase involves the path from downtown San Rafael to the top of Lincoln Avenue, as well as new sound walls and moving the Northwest Pacific railroad tracks about 50 feet west. Backers of the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit plan to use the rails for service set to begin in 2014.

Another Humboldt Co blog Lynette’s NorCal History Blog has had a series of railroad related posts. Hard to believe there was competition to be the 1st between Eureka, and Arcata.

NVR: Riding the rails, in miniature
Napa model railroad club.

MIJ: One year later: SMART rail plan faces challenges. Umm, yeah, economy still isn’t doing so well, and even if there wasn’t money challenges, there would still be other challenges.

Not NWP, but in ten, fifteen years, it could be written about SMART.
Commuter rail: Once a gamble, TRAX ingrained in Wasatch Front’s future

Napa Valley Wine Train Participates in Highly Rated TV Show

SRPD: Public to have say on SMART rail car plans

Final call for passengers on the Orient Express as service is scrapped

The world famous Orient Express is to make its final journey after falling victim to cut-price air flights and high-speed railways

Also not NWP.

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