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NCRA Meeting 18 Nov 2009 Eureka City Hall notes.
Wednesday 18 Nov 2009, 05:09
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Video to come later.


No Wifi access, so I can’t do my usual live bloging. I’m slow at texting and thus won’t do many twittering.


NCRA counsel isn’t here, so discussions/replies can’t be done at this meeting.



DEIR: wants more time to review, complaining that due to holidays people won’t have time to review it. Wants it to be extended 30 days.


Lady from Fortuna, doesn’t understand why NCRA did the lease for thirty years, when the current gravel mining permit will last for about three more years.


Pat Wiggins: Here as part to get a repayment of money owed to the Harbor District. Says chapter 9 is possible of NCRA, and thus ROW sold piece meal. Suggested that NCRA’s land/ROW be transferred to the Harbor district, so they can develop the trail, and tourist train.


Chairman Hemphill said they are identifying more sources of revenue.


Had just received an entire history of of Marcus, THA history, trail vs railroad, passenger cars, life the universe and everything.


Hank Sims left after that, must of got what he wanted, or something better happened.


Trail update, should have route for public review in January, for Eureka to Arcata. In four weeks should have clear idea of routes. Very happy and helpful to have meeting with John Williams yesterday. Meeting with THA today.


The securities vote is so they can explore various methods to increase revenues.


ICE-T funds only for Cloverdale south, not anywhere north. Quiet zone funding would only be around the city of Novato.


Caltrans, Rep says funds was for the entire line.


Chairman McDonald further defined that the funds was originally sought, for the Northern line.


Financial information, was disapproved by the board due to lack of accrual statements

? NCRA is currently undergoing yearly audit. Note board members were disapproving on the lack reports, rather than information presented.


SMART forgave NCRA’s loan for repair of Haystack bridge, due to NCRA’s work on shared portion of the line.


Draft EIR. Note comment period was already extended one week to make it to end of year. No approval of further extension of comment period.


Revenues of 800,000 per year, expenses of 1 million per year. 1/3 of revenue is car leases, part id property/crossing leases. Needs to complete repairs, and start running trains.

Sonoma county is the one doing the financial books.


Quaker hill project?


Tom McDonald’s report used by Pat Higgins, and SMART wasn’t complete, was intended to be an internal report as a call to action.


Operator’s report.


Supports THA efforts. THA is a possible source of income for NCRA. Needs money to repair track. Need to prioritize money for Northern project. Also supports efforts to put trail along side rail. Spent three hours yesterday, walking along track with trails person.


Suggestions for revenue. Consider suspending stipends until such time board is more solvent. Principal effort is to lift FRA order 21.


McDonald, wanted to correct that he was only over per deim is staying in Humboldt, during county fair time, and not by much. Thus the hotel didn’t offer government discount at that time. Same with Meyers. Atkins said she hasn’t submitted her expenses yet. She wouldn’t be able to be on the board, if expenses weren’t reimbursed.


Next meeting at Novato, hoping for that city council chambers.

No presentations by Dave at this meeting.



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