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Humboldt Issues Tonight
Tuesday 3 Nov 2009, 08:21
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The Harbor District is the main one with no results until after the pools close at 8pm. The Marina Center I guess is a forgone conclusion by the opposition, Democracy Now and Humboldt Paykeeper( Baykeeper) haven’t even twittered the event. Not even a live blogging by Heraldo and sidekicks.

Thanks to the Marina Center for keeping the community informed on this one.

Dear Marina Center Supporters,

Thank you for your continued support of the Marina Center project.  Tonight at 6 pm the Eureka City Council will consider the approval of the Coast Development Permit, which would allow environmental clean up on the Balloon Track to move forward. Hopefully this will be the last time for a while that this matter before them.

It is more important than ever to have our supporters attend the City Council meeting and let them know, without a doubt, that you want this property cleaned up.

The worst case scenario for Eureka, if this is passed, is that the property will be cleaner. Debris and garbage will be removed, storm water will no longer run into the bay and we get 11 acres of restored wetlands as well as provide 40 badly needed, good paying jobs.

We have been sued for not cleaning up this property and now are being threatened with a lawsuit by the same people because we want to clean it up.

Please come show your support for the clean up of the Balloon Track for the Marina Center Project.

We hope to see you tonight.

Thank you,

I hate waiting for results.

9:23pm: Well elections website has crashed. Hank got results. Wilson, and Marks so far.

10:19pm: ok elections website is back up

Measure A in Mendocino looks to be rejected. That was the former Masonite plant in Ukiah redevelopment. Maybe it can be now developed with industry that will use the railroad.

Final election night results:

Final report



TS article on election results. While I’m disappointed on Wilson winning, I’m happy that Marks won, just because he has an open mind on things, and Heraldo’s pick in that race was last.

TS article, Eureka approves Marina Center costal development permit 4-1. Amazing it wasn’t 3-2.


Other news, is Maine rejected gay marriage. Not one time has the issue of gay marriage come up to a vote, has it been allowed. Thirty one times to zip. Every time it was because of courts, or legislators.


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Thanks for removing the you-tube video I put up. I was just trying to put the link on but it puts up the whole video. I just thought you should see what we are up against.

As far as the election goes, I don’t live in Hauser’s district and most of the people I seem to align myself with are for Wilson. I was not.
I support my districts guy, Patrick Higgins.
I felt with him on the commission, it would be safe to explore alternatives to getting the railroad and some port activity going again.
Higgins won’t vote for anything that is not going to work with the environment and water quality. I thought Dan and Pat could possibly find a way to grow, without destroying the place.
I look forward to what Wilson has to offer but am ignorant of anything he has done in his first term to entice me.

I will wait and watch. If nothing else, Dan Hauser got me more involved in finding out just what the Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District does.

Comment by Tom Sebourn

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