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Vote Hauser and Marks – Times-Standard Online
Monday 2 Nov 2009, 11:38
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I support both Dan Hauser and Richard Marks for harbor commissioners.

Here are a few of my reasons: Dan Hauser has an extensive and productive history of hard work and dedication to his community. Dan participated in the creation of the Arcata marsh project, which won a Rockefeller award and is now copied and admired all over the world as an example of innovative green conservation.

Dan is for a green port, and has the knowledge and connections in Sacramento to help realized that goal. Dan Hauser is a board member of the Timber Heritage Association (THA) and has actively participated in the THA’s goals of creating a tourist train between Eureka and Arcata, restoring historic North Coast logging equipment, and the visioning a “rails with trails” solution along the rail right-of-way.

The Timber Heritage Association has been offering rides on its restored 1937 railroad speeder, a small rail car that was originally used to move crews from one job to another. Both Richard Marks and Dan Hauser have given generously of their time in facilitating THA’s vision of a world-class museum to convey the history of the Redwood Coast and attract visitors to our area.

Both candidates support rails with trails, the creation of a tourist train, and believe that it is possible to be a “green port” that can attract good-paying jobs without sacrificing the conservation and recreation within Humboldt Bay.

Both Richard Marks and Dan Hauser have earned my support for Harbor Commissioner.

Lawrence LaBranche

Timber Heritage Association and RAPIT member


via Vote Hauser and Marks – Times-Standard Online.



Let’s be Frank- you support them because they show interest in the Railroad

Comment by Anonymous

What happened to Hauser Cap? I haven’t been able to find results yet.

Comment by Anonymous

I’m surprised you haven’t seen any results yet, NCJ, Heraldo, TS, SoHum, and finally I have a election night thread

Comment by capdiamont



Comment by Anon

That is of a low voter turn out. 15,359 21.4% was the total of registered voters. 71,748 was the total number of registered voters.126,518 was total amount of people in 2000 for the county.

The total amount of people who voted, didn’t even reach the population of Arcata in 2006 of 17,294. Eureka’s population was 26,097 in 2007.

In the race Wilson won, only 3,732 people voted, or 22% of the population of Arcata. Though the actual district is larger than Arcata. So Wilson won with 15% of the population of Arcata.

So in reality the mandate/landslide is with the people not voting.

Comment by capdiamont

Sore loser.

Comment by Mike Buettner

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