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Baring a “progressive” miracle, Marina Center cleanup will get certified tonight.
Tuesday 27 Oct 2009, 07:51
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Overwhelming voter support at last Eureka City meeting, and another landslide of support to certify in Jeff Leonard’s poll. As Humboldturtle says, “Do whatever the poll says, Jeffrey.” In this case it says we’re tired of the delay tactics, and get this ball rolling now.

As of this morning 79 people voted, 67 of them said yes, and 3 maybes.



I left a no vote with a full response, but it was deleted for some reason

Thanks Jeff

Comment by Anonymous

Well, resubmit.Why is it the other no’s went through? It won’t help, but you can post it here, so we know what you said.

Comment by capdiamont

Open Town Hall isn’t a “poll” – it’s a community forum where citizens can conveniently provide input and help shape public policy.

A few facts about Open Town Hall: 1) Anyone can post a comment. Unlike a blog, though, you can only post one comment. One citizen can’t dominate the entire conversation by posting 20 “anonymous” comments. 2) It’s not my website – I’m a subscriber, too. I’m not privy to the address or identity information people provide when registering at the site. 3) Some people are too busy raising kids, going to school, or working for a living to attend public meetings. Open Town Hall is an easy way for people to let their voices be heard. Elected officials in a lot of different cities have signed up to provide a more convenient way to let people get involved in the process.

Finally, citizens get a chance to examine my thinking and keep track of my votes. I write a closing statement for every question posted on Open Town Hall.

So far, I like the concept. I think Open Town Hall helps increase participation in local government – so I will continue to subscribe.

Comment by Jeff Leonard

Cappy, you have taken my sarcasm out of context, which is that Jeffrey’s poll was put an hour or two before he voted “yes” on the project then floated to Arkleyville so “everyone” could “vote”. Pshaw, that’s what HT sez…

Comment by humboldturtle

HT – I’m confused. The question has been available for comment for over a week. The City Council has not yet voted on whether or not to certify the EIR, and I’ll leave the question open for comment through next week’s meeting on the CDP.

Last week’s meeting kicked off public comment on the topic. I sent comment invitations to everyone in my address book here at work – which includes Pete Nichols at Baykeeper, among many others. The website automatically kicks out an invitation to everyone registered.

Where the invitations go and who decides to post – or not post – is completely beyond my control.

Comment by Jeff Leonard

Specifics: I first saw it mentioned about four hours before your first “yes” vote, went in to look and the vote was something like 7-2. Maybe you’re right. Maybe it was up for a week. As long as you’re reading this, why NOT ask Union Pacific to pay for a complete clean-up?

Comment by humboldturtle

From last week’s paper:

“The Eureka City Council decided Tuesday to go forward with the certification of the development’s environmental impact report next week.

The council’s motion — which passed three to two with Councilmembers Larry Glass and Linda Atkins dissenting — included directions to schedule a public hearing to consider and approve the coastal development permit, the development’s first step towards an initial cleanup.

The council will bring the EIR certification back during a special meeting on Oct. 27, and hold the coastal development permit hearing on Nov. 3.

Atkins and Glass both expressed concerns with the adequacy of the EIR, but Councilmembers Jeff Leonard and Frank Jager said they supported the document and wanted to move forward.”

Now when I say you voted “yes” on the project, you say but you “have not yet voted on whether or not to certify the EIR”. Please understand my earlier comment was sarcasm. My bad.

What I mean to say is “whoa, boy!” The road to the courthouse does not lead through Arkleyville.

Comment by humboldturtle

I am looking forward to having some new jobs come into the area. It seems this plan should please both sides because it is restoring marsh land and developing new jobs. What more can you ask for? This plan is way better than leaving it a vacant lot!

Comment by Joshua Woods

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