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Lazy J Trailer Ranch bought out, and now Amercian Flag decals must be removed
Wednesday 21 Oct 2009, 09:01
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The new manager went around, introducing herself to residents yesterday. Telling residents they must remove American flag and other controversial decals from their mobile homes. Also any such decals must be removed from vehicles owned by residents.



This is a hotly debated issue

The latest attempt to allow people to fly the American flag is:
Public law 109-243 / HR 42 Section 3

This does come with some limitations. If a person does something like hoist their flag and shine a big spotlight on it at night, that’s not covered. If someone were to fly a flag was obstructing someone else’s property, that’s not covered. But, for all practical purposes, flying a little flag is totally covered.

The problem is decals are not covered as decals are not even covered by the standards of the U.S. Flag Code as they are easily wrecked items. It’s considered disrespectful by U.S. custom to have an American flag button or patch or whatever that is just going to fade and be discarded. All those faded American flag t-shirts are also considered to be in bad taste.

So, someone who had something like an actual flag attached to their vehicle would likely be covered as they own the vehicle and nobody can tell them to remove it in this country.

From my been to court too many times perspective, if this were to go to court, this lady would most likely lose. She obviously didn’t study up. Of course, I wouldn’t expect a trailer park/manufactured home park manager to be the sharpest tack.

Comment by Mr. Nice

That’s ok. In America we have the freedom to trash the American flag and tell others how offensive it is to take pride in your country… How sad…

Comment by Joshua Woods

In our country the land owner has special rights.
Buy your own trailer park and you can have any decal you want.
That’s usually the argument I hear from land owners.
Some property owners can be unreasonable.

Comment by Tom Sebourn

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