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Jeff Leonard put up a poll to see if Eureka should certify the Marina Center EIR.
Tuesday 20 Oct 2009, 04:39
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Open Town Hall/Peak Democracy Poll



This ought to be objective. Do whatever the poll says, Jeffrey.

Comment by humboldturtle

You think Jeff’s vote is really in the air? He will vote yes, not doubt. No reason to worry Lawrence.

BTW, you spelled his last name wrong.

Comment by Anon

Dang gumit. Even worst, that part is my father’s name.

Comment by capdiamont

Also, I’m not worried, either way.

Comment by capdiamont

[…] 07:51 Filed under: Eureka, Humboldt Overwhelming voter support at last Eureka City meeting, and another landslide of support to certify in Jeff Leonard’s poll. As Humboldturtle says, “Do whatever the poll says, Jeffrey.” In this case it says […]

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Open Town Hall isn’t a “poll” – it’s a community forum where citizens can conveniently provide input and help shape public policy.

A few facts about Open Town Hall: 1) Anyone can post a comment. Unlike a blog, though, you can only post one comment. One citizen can’t dominate the entire conversation by posting 20 “anonymous” comments. 2) It’s not my website – I’m a subscriber, too. I’m not privy to the address or identity information people provide when registering at the site. 3) Some people are too busy raising kids, going to school, or working for a living to attend public meetings. Open Town Hall is an easy way for people to let their voices be heard. Elected officials in a lot of different cities have signed up to provide a more convenient way to let people get involved in the process.

Finally, citizens get a chance to examine my thinking and keep track of my votes. I write a closing statement for every question posted on Open Town Hall.

So far, I like the concept. I think Open Town Hall helps increase participation in local government – so I will continue to subscribe.

Comment by Jeff Leonard

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