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THA news, Special Halloween speeder run
Friday 16 Oct 2009, 12:00
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We had a special speeder run today, just for the communities of Manila, and Samoa. Weather wasn’t bad, just light rain. The rides were free, as a thanks for the support. Pretty good turnout, despite the very limited advertising.


We’ve cleared part way in to the last heavy brush area between Manila and highway 255. It really helped having the use of the exhavator to load the dump truck. NCRA needed the exhavator and dump truck for use down south to clean up winter debris. They greatly helped out the speed and width of cleanup. Now further cleanup will be harder and slower. At least we don’t have much left of the thickly overgrown area left.

Two Thursdays ago members went out to Fields Landing to retreve another speeder and move it to Samoa. The engine in it is no good, so the speeder is going to be restored as a trailer to the A&MR RR speeder. Issuses to be dealt with is braking, pa speaker, lights, and general restoration. The engine have already been taken out.

We have already met our rent requirement for the year with the work we have done.

The ROW has been cut just east of the bridge by Sierra Pacific for what looks like levee work.

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