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Tuesday 13 Oct 2009, 10:30
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THA: Looks like we will be transporting the five passenger cars, at least starting, the end of November time frame to Samoa. If all goes well, of course. Looks like the best roofing material, will be the bed liner stuff.

SR Press Democrat: Old railroad bed to get new life as bicycle trail

Creation of a Sonoma-to-Schellville trail for bicyclists and pedestrians is under way with plans to replace a 4-mile swath of Union Pacific railroad tracks with a paved path.

Please note, this, as per the article isn’t NCRA, or SMART owned property, despite some anti-rail folks.

SR Press Democrat: Cloverdale celebrates its 150th birthday

An interesting article on the history of Cloverdale, and interaction of the rail. I didn’t know that Cloverdale was a northern point of the railroad for about 17 years.

TS: Humboldt Bay’s economy and the harbor district’s future, by Patrick Higgins

Usual rallying against rail, and large port.



Don’t the five passenger cars need work/restoration? Will the work be done in Samoa?

Comment by Shawn

The work will be done in Samoa. The cars will have to be restored, but the running gear is in good shape.

Comment by capdiamont

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