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Rails and trails noon mtg CPRD
Wednesday 7 Oct 2009, 12:46
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Dan: Wants to keep the rail option open, rails with trails.

Richard Marks: Rails and trails around Samoa to Eureka.

Sue: Also rail and trail from Samoa to Eureka. Rail bank south of Eureka.

Mike: Wants it all, problem is cost, likes excursion train, thinks there is time to figure out what is realistic. Proud to be part of the commities that worked out the rail and trail compermise from Bracutt to around Arcata and rails and trails guidelines for NCRA.

Mike, I hope I got your position right in my paraphrase.

I’ll be cleaning names, etc up later.



It would be nice to see Southern Humboldt connected-why not an excursion train that direction??

Comment by anon

I agree it would be nice, but it takes time, and money to do so. Closest we’ll get is South Fork, and that will be a while.

Comment by capdiamont

Thanks for the update, but what is “CPRD”?

Comment by Shawn

it used to be CPD, citizens for port development. Now they’ve added Railroad to the mix. Though I might of gotten the acronym wrong.

Comment by capdiamont

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