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NWP might haul biodiesel feedstock and other NWP/Napa Valley railroad news.
Monday 5 Oct 2009, 09:25
Filed under: Marin, Napa Valley, NCRA, Northwestern Pacific Railroad, Novato, Petaluma, Railroad, SMART, Sonoma Biodiesel plant OK’d for former truck-stop site
Company will manufacture, supply alternative vehicle fuel at Petaluma Boulevard South off-ramp

Royal Petroleum received the county’s blessing earlier this year to add a 9,000-square-foot biodiesel plant at the former Rinehart’s truck stop and scales, near the Highway 101 off-ramp to Petaluma Boulevard South.

Each year, the plant is expected to produce 5 million gallons of the fuel — a processed form of plant oil — to be sold at Royal Petroleum’s network of stations, Hill said.

Initially, the unprocessed plant matter needed to make the fuel will be trucked to the site from Richmond, but the finished product will supplant standard petroleum-based diesel, the company noted.

The site’s proximity to the Petaluma River and the railroad tracks could also mean future deliveries via barge or freight train, the company suggested.

NBay Business Journal: SMART out seeking proposals to start rail project

NORTH BAY – Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit has requested proposals for three major contracts for the $590 million rail project and is about to put out requests for the remaining three.

New railroad for Mare Island. “San Francisco Bay Railroad-Mare Island”
This eight mile railroad would operate between Flosden Acres, and Mare Island. It will be interesting to railfan the interchange area, considering NWP will interchange not too much north of this railroads interchange area. Docket Number: FD_35304_0, filed 28 Sept 2009.

Down in the area over the weekend. The south part of the Ignacio wye has been cleaned up of weeds. I noticed on Saturday ballast work was done through Novato, but not yet in Petaluma. The new crossing by Petaluma’s sewer plant, has the cement crossings installed now, and just needs asphalt to fill it in. Got to watch the electrical contractor go through the depot area on a hyrail pickup.



Glad to see the railroad updates again. I’ve missed them.

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Comment by Joshua Woods

Thanks! It is hard for me to find out stuff, being up here. I don’t get to go down there much. I wish NCRA would update their board meeting presentations on their website.

Comment by capdiamont

Hmmm, I think a bio diesel plant is much more dangerous than the asphalt plant the envioro’s went Kooko on, fat chance this project sees the light of day

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