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The last speeder run of the year was wonderful and other THA news
Wednesday 30 Sep 2009, 04:58
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Fog was quite thick in the morning, blowing off by mid morning. Believe it or not we haven’t had much fog for the many runs we have had. Richard Marks, and his wife took the ride that and and loved it! Richard Marks has photos, of the ride, and roundhouse at his website. “This project is also an affirmation of the relevancy of an excursion train to Scotia.” Richard Marks is running for Harbor district commissioner, and supports rails with trails. His hard work, and looking for everyone, including the pole climbers is why I personally endorse him.

Just got the latest THA newsletter. According to it, 834 people took speeder rides, generating $3,849 in contributions for the ride or general preservation. Speeder rides will resume in the Spring, hopefully with a trailer to increase capacity.

Voices of Humboldt County also likes the speeder ride. One correction though, of their stuff, we try and keep the speed below 15 mph, however it probably can do 30mph. It has four gears, but we generally only use the 2nd and 3rd gear, with little to no throttle. 1st gear is a little slow, and 4th is too fast for the condition of the roadbed. Going to Manila, I’ll have it in 3rd, with the throttle as low as it will go. On the way back I’ll have it in 3rd, with two fingers width of throttle. The throttle does tend to creep towards going slower, than faster if you don’t watch it.

The petal on the floor is the clutch, with a long throw to it. On the bench, the one with the loop is the throttle, the knob is the choke, the thick orange handle one is fwd-n-rev, and the stick shift is R-1,2,3,4. Trivia for you, is if both the stick, and reverser is in reverse, you will go forward. Also, we hardly ever use the reverse on the stick. The control panel has ignition power, horn, and starter controls. It has amperage, and oil pressure. I’m working on a speedometer.

My personal joy was having the kids ring the bell going back in to the “station”, and their eyes light up. It was nice being able to have people tour the collection at Samoa. Many thanks to Humboldt Towing for hauling the speeder from the roundhouse to the rail, and back again.

Small flyer

The boiler shop roof continues, the part over the shed was the worst roof we had on the property. No way to keep people out of it, before, with burnt and rotting rafters. Now it is ready for roofing.

Various groups have toured the buildings.

May 7th, HSU OLLI Extended Education class with 25 students.
July 25th, Eureka Heritage Society with 50 people. Both were facilitated by Ray Hillman. Mike Kellogg gave a historical background of the buildings, and locomotives.

Aug 5th Horseless Carriage Club Tour with people from California and other states toured the area and included a stop at the roundhouse with their vintage cars.

In August, the Southern Oregon Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society from Medford, Oregon scheduled a three day visit to THA facilities and activities.They presented a Live Rail Award, for “outstanding accomplishments saving our railroad heritage for future generations” to THA. The honor included a certificate and a handsome carved wood plaque.

Sept 12th, a number of the Humboldt Bay Model A Club members rode the speeder, and toured the roundhouse.

Work continues on #37. Ultrasound survey has been started, and cylinder/pistons inspected, and tested.

Anderson Model Kits offers a high end model kit of the Samoa Roundhouse as it appeared in 1933. The HO, S, and O scale kits will be available through THA’s mail order catalog. The prices are $199, $299, and $399 respectively. I wish there was a G scale option, but then again I couldn’t afford it. Many best wishes to them.

Many thinks to Green Diamond Resource Co. for donating, Wayne Bare Trucking for delivering, and Homer Purcell of Freshwater Tissue for unloading a log truck load (about eight or nine cords) of logs to be bucked, and split. Well with donation of Don’s Rent All of splitter time, and members help, it has been all split.

Harold Harnden gave a tour and donated items from his Harnden Mill at Berry Summit to THA.

North Coast Co-op has selected THA as part of it’s 1% Register Donation Program. Members can donate an aditional 1% above their grocery purchase to THA at either Co-op. You will need to give the cashier our number, which is 87383.

The five passenger cars THA purchased are numbered SP 2091, 2093, 2106, 2109, and 2148. Our successful bid was $2,800 per car, and estimate cost of moving is $9,300 per car. The purchase price, and move is being financed by NWP co, NCRA’s operator of the railroad. Tentatively they will be moved Nov., or Dec., and placed on temporary track at the edge of the parking lot at the Samoa Roundhouse building complex.

Strategic Plan Completed, and final draft completed/approved.

If you have the actual newsletter, you will see I ripped most of this out of the newsletter, shamelessly.

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