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Win A Trip Aboard A Private Rail Car, THA, and other NWP area news

I’ve been a miss, with the news lately, though that makes some of you happy.

Samoa Roundhouse with Timber Heritage Association collection

Samoa Roundhouse with Timber Heritage Association collection

Win A Trip Aboard A Private Rail Car
Emeryville – Reno – Emeryville
January 15th to 17th or February 12th – 14th
Step aboard the opulent private rail car and experience all
the romance and nostalgia of a bygone era. Enjoy spectacular
scenery, fine food, warm and friendly staff to pamper you, so
you can relax and have fun in an elegant atmosphere. The
Virginia City is an elegant private rail car that has a brassrailed
open observation platform, cozy lounge with a working
fireplace, and dramatic dining room with an ornate crystal
The package includes round trip for two, meals, alcohol and
overnight accommodations. The value of the package is
$1,118. raffle conducted by the timber heritage association
Raffle Tickets Are Only $10
need not be present to win ˜ Drawing October 23rd
Purchase as many as you want now!

Timber Heritage Association will have an Oktoberfest Fundraiser, Oct 23rd. Oysters and ale event won’t be happening this year, last I heard.

The last speeder run for this year is this Saturday.

A neat site with some old Humboldt photos, including rail.

Down in Santa Rosa, The Great Handcar Regatta will take place at the depot on Sunday
SR PD article, and website.

Hand-Built Railcar Races, Arts, Performance, Live Music, Crafts, Fine Foods, Costumed Rabble & more!
Sunday, September 27th, 2009. 11 am to 6 pm.
Railroad Square, Santa Rosa, CA, in Depot Park between 4th / 5th Streets & Wilson Street
ITEM! Free Valet Bike Parking!
FREE to all denizens of delight, curiosity, and “Play-ticipation”
Why, for a Splendid Celebration of Art, Science and Ingenuity for the Joy and Edification of all who attend, of course!

Last I heard, they have the ballast completed from the wye under the interchange of freeway 101 and freeway 37 to the interchange with the other railroads. They should be fully in Navato now.

MIJ: Final site of gravity car decided by council [Mill Valley] in the same plaza.

The wooden structure would be angled more so the front of the car faces the end of the plaza and shifted about four feet closer to a grove of redwood trees, according to City Manager Anne Montgomery.

Over in Napa, stimulus funds have shortened the building two new bridges for the wine train. One is a replacement for a trestle over the Napa river, which clogged up the river during storms, and the other for a new flood bypass channel.



I saw the ballast spreader in action last week in Novato north of the wye behind the Vintage Oaks Shopping Center. Then later, in a cloud of dust I caught a glimpse of the spreader departing Novato Station southbound for the wye. North of Novato Station there was a real neat piece of gear lifting rails, poking ballast under ties, and setting the track back down on the road bed. Cool!

Comment by Bob

Thanks for the update! I don’t get to go down there often, so I’m missing a lot.

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