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It’s a boy, and other musings
Thursday 24 Sep 2009, 10:20
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I twitted about this a while back, but our baby is a boy. My wife allowed me to find out. The chances that it is a girl is much less with having identified it as a boy, than the reverse. Having the doctor who my wife worked for find, there it’s penis, on the arrowed ultrasound, made us feel better. Though every time, I look at it, I can’t tell a thing, let alone it’s thingy. Other pictures, looked like a skeleton, and not a baby. We didn’t get very good pictures last time, because every time, the tech would try, it would move. My wife doesn’t like her picture taken either, nor did her mother.

Stitch, our cat, that had a broken tail is 100% fine now.  Our Lamb is fighting us, to get in to the house. It is like she was bottle fed. Don’t worry though, they do have plenty of shelter. She has a voracious appetite, so we are missing a row of potato, and lettuce. It is like a zero cut backyard now. She has a good coat of wool already. A single squirrel has damaged most of our corn crop.

One of our cats, Little Bear will sleep outside all night long on a chair, even through light rain, or dew. Yet just try and give him a bath, and he will act like your murdering him.

WordPress has new grammar checking,as below. I turned them on, but there might be no help for me.

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Finally a chance to catch up. I hope you’re delighted about the boy. Having 3 myself I’m partial to them;>

Comment by Kym

My only problem, is he will probably want to do sports, with me. I’m not much in to sports, but my wife is. Means I’ll have to learn sports.

Comment by capdiamont

Don’t try to do them all. Just pick one. I’m partial to martial arts myself;>

Comment by Kym

I would of never guessed about the martial arts. +-)

Comment by capdiamont

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