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NCRA meeting 12 Aug Humboldt 10:30 notes
Wednesday 12 Aug 2009, 10:52
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I was a little late, but got the camcorder on, and recording.Timber Heritage Association Museum and Arcata trails will be making a presentation soon. Not many people here.

One public comment, was re the use Carlotta branch right of way for gravel mining. Basically not happy that not much discussion was done up here, before approval. IE county of impact. NCRA’s position, is they try to do so, but in an effort to keep things flowing, sometimes it was to done in other than the county of impact.

THA, speeder, and tourist train overview was done. Only question from the board was of insurance.

Arcata trails seems to moving along. Chairman Allan Hemphill eager to see this move forward as a test case with rails with trails, using the NCRA’s guidelines.

Chairman Allan Hemphill, excused himself from the voting on the accounting, control of the meeting is now with vice president, during this time.  Some discussion, of liability of costs in case the accounting firm is sued. Also re the contract paragraph, on the ability for the firm need to approve, review, and possibility reject use of documents it creates for NCRA. Firm was approved, but wit discussion/letter to firm stating that the reason they are hired is to do audits, and those/other documents as part of being a public agency will be made public.

Discussing trail guidelines. Three amendments to the trails guidelines were approved.

Ran out of space on camcorder. Downloading now. I need a faster download. Just over 23 min left.

Chairman Bernie Meyers would of liked the operator to be bound by the trail guidelines.

Discussing Ukiah depot lease.

Ok, finally, back to recording.

Ukiah depot lease approved.

New chairpersons welcomed. Minutes approved.


“substantial changes” included trail guide lines, incorperating operation plans, and best practice plans. Changes to be done by end of Sept, 30 day public comments, then responding to comments, all done by Jan 2010. Must have EIR done before revenue trains can be done. Repairs to be done by Oct 15th.

Received grant funding to study mapping, and improving culverts in the canyon.

Possiable jump start of Willits yard clean up.

Bridge timbers that were replaced, were replaced with non-creosoted timber.

Novato consent degree, defer landscaping until closer to start up. Also quicker clean locomotive use before  deadline.

Well they are in closed session now. Property meeting for the lease at milepost 266/Jack Noble should be at 2pm, and is open to the public.

NCRA members filing in.

One result of closed session was payment of $165,035.65 to to California Redwood Coast company per court case Mendocino County Superior court #07-50124, in ten installments due to cash flow. This has something to with the Ukiah Depot.

Discussion of lease, which includes construction of one mile of road.

Neighbor’s complaint is “doubling” of truck traffic, possible effects to water wells, emergency vehicle access. On one hand, Jack Noble in a letter threatens lawsuit/action to force abandonment of that section of the railroad, on the other, you have neighbors threatens lawsuit to prevent such lease to include NCRA as part of the  lawsuit if this goes forth.

Looks like the lease won’t happen this summer. With many changes staff won’t have the time to make it before about Oct.

The property board is saying Sept for the next review.

Ok, just about 4pm, and it is all over. Lease is going to be sent back for changes.



Thanks for the updates. I couldn’t make the meeting but at least I get an idea of what is being discussed.

Comment by Mike Buettner

Thanks. I find it easier to take the day off, in order to make it. That is with the time of the meeting, and need to upload the video.

Comment by capdiamont

good information.
thx for the share

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