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Arcata Eye Editorial: Berserk bicyclists – April 29, 2009
Saturday 4 Jul 2009, 08:06
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Arcata Eye Editorial: Berserk bicyclists – April 29, 2009

Click on the above for the article. The problem is a bicycle is a cheap form of transportation, no licensing, and only needing a bit of balance. The end result is you only have to own one. The result is a carelessness by bike rider/drivers.

I saw the same thing in Kuwait with cars. No license needed, and with the oil revenues, cars are cheap. End result was crazy drivers a good deal of the time.

That doesn’t make it always the case, you even the majority of the time. You just notice the bad ones.

Update: Fred has a post on bicycling. Though I wasn’t suggesting we do make them have a license, only this is a result of no licensing.

While in theory there is some benefits to making them have licenses, I don’t know if it is practical.

I don’t like having everything regulated, or having to license for everything.

How would it be implemented? Would people be grandfathered in, or told get a license by X date? What about the low income, or homeless?

We need to encourage the safe use of bicycles.

It isn’t like licensing has fully helped the car side when people can accidentally swerve 10+ feet and kill people.

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