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Next NCRA meeting is Aug 12th here in Humboldt
Wednesday 24 Jun 2009, 06:55
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The July 8th meeting here in Humboldt has been canceled. Next meeting is Aug 12th here in Humboldt. Per their website.

Another interesting find is they have posted a FAQ.



It will be a pleasure to see the Ollivier fossil won’t be on the board. Thats NCRA progress that all Humboldt can get behind. Coming up next- railbanking the whole line North of Windsor.

Comment by Bye Bye Choo Choo

You have a pretty dumb and mean spirited comment there. Considering at least several things. One The commuter train will run from Cloverdale to Larkspur. Two next phase will be to open up Windsor to Willits. Three, I can operate much cheaper than a trail around the bay, with speeders, with current track condition, little to no disturbance of the soil.

Comment by capdiamont

Why don’t you go after some of the stimulus money that is looking for shovel ready projects.

It seems to me that with a few self powered passenger cars a commuter line could run between Blue Lake and Fortuna using the current tracks.

Quick to do. It will create jobs. Improve green. Just what the feds are looking for.


Comment by Don Hitt

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