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NWP and Napa Valley railroad news

Novato Advance: First locomotive since 2001 rolls through Novato
nice article, that I missed with beautiful photos from Christian Goepel. Not sure why it was in the Arts & Entertainment section though.

Work Report

I heard that yesterday, the gang was dropping ties between Novato and Petaluma. My boss saw them out near Burdel around 6:45 yesterday morning with the WV GP and 5 loaded centerbeams.


Kevin Sheridan posted two nice photos taken yesterday. One shot with the Roche Winery in the background, the other at the Scheville wye. Other NWP photos.

NVR: A new day for the Wine Train

Much has changed since McManus has come on board. In a development that would startle observers of the early years of the Wine Train, the service will start dropping passengers off in St. Helena on an experimental basis in the coming months.
This idea has been the subject of a decades-long war fought in the courts and before the California Public Utilities Commission, but today everyone is getting along.

For $30, passengers can ride round trip to the Cheers! event St. Helena businesses host one Friday a month.


• On environmental issues. Wine Train is running one engine on compressed natural gas, and is hoping to convert its other engine, which runs on diesel, making it one of the most progressive rail operations when it comes to fuels. McManus encourages a car-less travel experience, in which visitors from San Francisco would take the ferry to Vallejo, a Wine Train shuttle to the Depot, have a couple hours to wander in Napa and then get on board.

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