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Down to one
Saturday 20 Jun 2009, 01:00
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Well it looks like we are down to one baby now. It is a little disappointing. We were hoping for one each. At the same time it will be easier and cheaper just having one. I’m still nervious about this one making it. We have been trying since we have been trying since we were married in September of 1995. Thanks Kym, and Rose.

I tore down the fence between the little and big back yard so the goat will feel safe to go in to the little back yard area. I still want a sheep to attack the grass. I even offered a neighboor with a horse to have it go eat in the backyard. I just don’t want to spend my time, and energy to keep it down.


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Having just one allows you to savor who they are. The personality of the little one doesn’t get blurred with a sibling.

Comment by Kym

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