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Saturday 13 Jun 2009, 07:36
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MIJ: Smart growth urged along SMART rail line in Marin

SAN FRANCISCO – Growth in Marin over the next 25 years should be funneled into areas along the planned Sonoma-Marin Rail Transit corridor to curb sprawl and cut greenhouse gases, according a plan released Wednesday by the Greenbelt Alliance.

The report by the land conservation and urban-planning organization titled “Grow Smart Bay Area” is an initiative to get Bay Area cities and counties to plan for the expected additional 2 million people and 1.7 million jobs that will come to the region by 2035.

SMART committed to roll forward

As chair and vice-chair of the SMART board, we want to make one point absolutely clear: We remain committed to the plan in Measure Q – delivering the passenger train and pathway from Cloverdale to Larkspur by 2014. We stand by that commitment.

Pacific Sun: Upfront: Will economy derail SMART?
Backers say train system still on track for 2014

Building a railroad isn’t easy. It’s even harder in the middle of a massive recession and an unprecedented credit meltdown.

The reality of that situation is defined in the recently released strategic plan for the Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) system, which will run on 70 miles of track between Cloverdale and Larkspur. Contained in the plan is an update of financial projections compiled prior to putting Measure Q on the ballot in November 2008.

The news: SMART faces a “funding gap of 154.7 million in current dollars ($175.9 million in escalated year-of-expenditure dollars).” In addition to that funding gap (more later about that “escalated year of expenditure dollars”), SMART has revised upward its cost estimates for the rail project, reflecting a wider scope of work and costs associated with meeting new safety standards.

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