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I’m pregnant with twins, and other updates.
Saturday 13 Jun 2009, 08:35
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Much has been happened since last time I did an update.

The garden seems to be doing well, except something kept eating the cucumbers, and is attacking the dill.  Doesn’t seem to be slugs. We bought some cheap keystone beer, to drown them suckers.  Nothing yet. Also something is attacking the banana peppers, but leaving the rest alone. Got drip irrigation installed for about 1/2 the garden now.

Relative over in Yreaka died. He didn’t come back from getting his second load as a trucker. Well he died doing what he loved doing. His dog was ok with the ambulance crew trying to revive him, but not the corner trying to remove the body. The corner was bitten. I want to know where that episode of CSI is.

My father-in-law spent the last couple of nights in the hospital. Seems to be a warning stroke, or diabetes causing such symptoms. Seems to be over medicated. Part of the problem is that he took his medication at the house, then left to get food. The medicine requires food. So he crashes. Part of the problem is he doesn’t talk to his doctor, so they don’t know how he is doing. The other part of his problem is he is finally watching his diet, doing some exercising, and losing weight. This reduces the need for his blood pressure, and diabetes medicines.

Now the best news, since we are almost twelve weeks, we are past most of the danger of losing them. No I’m not really pregnant. I just wanted to say that. Nine weeks is the furthest we have made it before this. It just seemed before, that she would get pregnant, I would get deployed, and it would stop. They seem to be different gestational age, so our theory is it will be a boy and a girl. I do want to know what sex they will be, she doesn’t. I have called her a blood hound. Me sweating out powered garlic isn’t ok. Fresh garlic is. At nine weeks they looked like twitching gummy bears, and we heard their heart beats. I will never understand how abortion at this stagecan be called a “choice”. They are alive.



Guess no one cares.

Comment by Rose

Whoa, really? twins? Cap, congratulations. Be extra nice to the momma.

Sorry this congrats is so long in coming. I’m behind on my reading because of the Run and Life.

Comment by Kym

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