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LC-1091, Ham radio, and D-day revisionists
Saturday 6 Jun 2009, 10:20
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Well I got to enjoy being on the only working landing craft. It is based in Humboldt County. It is one of sixty museum ships.

Right now Humboldt Amateur Radio Club, is having a special event for D-day. The HARC are on it, attempting to contacting as many other Hams as possible. Tey started at noon on Sat, and will end on Noon Sun. In order to contact them via radio, you have to have your general class amateur radio license. The are using the eighty-meter band. They offered to allow me to operate the controls, but I didn’t feel comfortable having only received my license last week.

The farthest contacts I know of is in British Columbia to the north and San Diego to the south. Transmitting with forty watts. Interesting enough one contact in Eugene, OR was only transmitting with five watts.

Oh the revisionist part, the less told part of D-Day, is the allied forces weren’t always welcomed. Understanding there were mistakes, lots of property loss, then disturbingly enough looting, and rapes committed by allied forces. By the article there was 3,500 rapes committed by American forces from June 1944 to the end of the war in France. Worse yet was the inequality of the punishment.

“It also shows that black soldiers convicted of such awful acts received very severe punishments, while white soldiers received lighter sentences.”

Of 29 soldiers executed for rape by the US military authorities, 25 were black – though African-Americans did not represent nearly so high a proportion of convictions.

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