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It was home at one time……..
Saturday 30 May 2009, 10:31
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I lived and worked here at one time.  Gone from this 2009  photo, are the burn out latrines, on your left side, our commo vans on the right front, and by the small building in the rear, reached by the causeway, was our showers. We had hot and cold running water in the shower tent. Cold in the morning, and hot in the evening. Neither were comfortable to stay in long at all. Night shift was the worst, had the light, and heat of the day. Even though this palace was close to the airport, we still had to have all the gear on, flax jacket, weapon, locked, and loaded, for travel between there and the airport. Had a dog on site, which the MP’s had to take care of. I’m been on the roof, saw the tiny drain hole the missile went through, making a larger hole though the second floor, destroying Saddam’s bedroom on the first floor. There is another causeway to the right of this photo, it was bombed, to elimate power, water, and sewer. I’m guessing they have that all fixed now. The stairs in the main room with the million dollar chandilier are of different lengths. One has 69 steps, the other 68 or 70. I remember, not to long after arriving, some APCs heading out in a hurry, and a firefight shortly after that.

Click on the photo, for more photos. No photos used are mine. Another photo stream of this palace. Blog post on various photos of Saddam’s palaces.

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