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Richardson’s Grove project poll, should it proceed?
Sunday 24 May 2009, 07:38
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This is simply to see who has the majority.

For a good discussion, and reasons for the realignment, you have to check you Kym’s prose on the subject.

Also add Good old Ernie has a good post on his blog supporting the project. “can’t kill a redwood”



Yes, absolutely!

Comment by Rose

I voted. Go us!

Comment by Kym

Even though this poll is inherently skewed by your supporters, Cap, it seems that the project is losing, 10 to 7.

Comment by Jeff Muskrat

[…] And Capdiamont’s poll. […]

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Undecided, but leaning towards it. I want to know more about the impact of the cutting of the roots on the old growth.

Comment by Eric Kirk

Eric, did you read in my comment section about the air spade?

Comment by Kym

It’s a waste of money.If the work is approved,once it’s all done,the same problems will still exist.In order for those to change,a project with much more significant impact would have to take place.This is just being used as a foot in the door by CalTrans as more work will likely be pushed south of the grove where it is more dangerous for trucks to pass.

Comment by mresquan

Poll still shows Humboldt’s spirit…

Comment by Jeff Muskrat

Despite all of Ken Miller’s efforts, the project will proceed.

But the opposition to it is a prime example of the absolute stupidity of the “shovel ready'””stimulus” bill that was passed (without being read) by our asinine legislature. You can promise trillions of dollars in spending like this, on projects that were already slated, and the will be delayed for YEARS by the likes of a Jeff Muskrat. There’ll be – and is no – benefit, immediate or otherwise. Every single one will be met with resistance from the naysayers. That’s why things don’t get done and why they cost so much.

C’mon, Muskrat, get behind your President.

Comment by Rose

I still wish they would have reconsidered a bypass around the park, so I voted undecided.

Comment by Carol

I think the benenfits are already happening Rose. The stock market has calmed down and the economy is picking up some steam. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Comment by Anon

He’s not my President, Rose.

I voted for McCain/Palin.

Just kiddin’

But Obama seems to have turned out to be an “O-bummer”.

Comment by Jeff Muskrat

Looks like we have a winner.

Thank you for proving our point, Cap.

Comment by Jeff Muskrat

it isn’t over yet. For all I know of you could of deleted your cookie allowing you to vote more.

The end result, will be that it gets built. It is simply the best option.

Comment by capdiamont

I ate my cookie. But now I feel kind of funny…

No seriously, I was worried about the same thing with you. I honestly only voted once. I have a feeling that you were honest in this poll as well.

Comment by Jeff Muskrat

Funny how the results changed so suddenly after we were so far ahead.

Looks like cookie monster is on the loose again…

Comment by Jeff Muskrat

Don’t know, I didn’t know it had changed until you said something.

Comment by capdiamont

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