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Richard Marks: Don’t impact my neighborhood, but it is ok to impact yours
Tuesday 5 May 2009, 07:39
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Lets consider a few things, he goes off on people, who decide no to post their names on the Open Town Hall, which is running 18 Yes/Revoke the permit, to 40 No/Don’t revoke the permit for the cell tower.

Maybe it is more lop sided against the revoke, because the tin foil types don’t want to post their info to get an account.

Didn’t get noticed? Too bad. The horse has already left the gate on this one. You can sign up for emails, from the city of Eureka, to be notified of meeting agendas. Yet no one ever mentions that did they? I live just over 1/10 of a mile from a PG&E substation, which they recently upgraded. You know what notice we got for all the trucks, wire being laid, etc? None, except when our power was going to be out. Not that I really care. One of the funny things is the power can be out for up to three days here, yet we are so close. Such is life.

Here is the great part, we are asked, “What is the price of a neighborhood?” Verison tower report.” as the title of one post. This was posted on Thursday of the week.

Yet three posts earlier that same week, we get, “Racing at the Acres! (Yes, Robin and I are certified Humboldt Okies.)” This was posted on Monday of that week.

I guess that is the difference between Monday, and Thursday. Yet no, mention of the noise impacts racing has. Who cares about these neighborhoods. I live about 1/2 mile away from the track at Redwood Acres, yet can easily hear them. It isn’t like these are imaginative health impacts, like tin foil types like to spout out.



You get the noise, but you’re within walking distance of that great Hawaian food!

Comment by Eric Kirk

My guess is that you moved in well after Redwood Acres received permission to hold stock car races. If you had lived there at the time, you would have been given an opportunity to have your voice heard.

Henderson Center residents deserve to be notified PROPERLY so they have a decent chance to voice their concerns. Period.

Conservatives are all over this one simply because they don’t like the politicians/figures who are crying foul. Many of the same folk question the feasibility of your railroad, therefore you jump on the bandwagon. Both sides are guilty of this, yet it is destructive to our community. Please take the high road next time.

Comment by Anonymous

Cap wants the Olsens to lose their lease at Redwood Acres? All because people complained about a cell tower? Throwing a tempertatrum because neighbors complain speaks volumes about Cap. Have you ever dropped a cell call in Henderson Center? I havent…….But I dont complain about the noise at Redwood Acres either…..

Comment by exrepublican

Cap, you don’t seem to have the intellectual skills to create a formable argument. You’d be better off just throwing out some expletives at those damn liberals.

Comment by Anon

Actually, I don’t care one way or the other, the cell tower, PG&E, or Redwood Acres. Just an example. It was amusing to me, how Richard could tout racing whose noise covers a large area, and yet tell us neighborhoods are priceless.

Ex, you need to expand your brain a bit. It more than dropped calls. More and more people want cell phones, and even internet. This means, more cell sites, period.

In the end, the tower will get built, 3-2 against revoking the permit. Leonard’s forum was 18 yes/revoke vs 51 no/don’t revoke.

Comment by capdiamont

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