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Animals part 2
Wednesday 29 Apr 2009, 10:20
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They put down Mocha today, due to not being able to trust her. So now, it is quiet, no more barking, no large thundering herd.

So I opened up the gate between the two back yards, to allow the goat to come in to their yard. Once he gets used to it.


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My condolences on the loss of your dogs. We had to have Alfie put down earlier in the year, as i was the 6th person he bit, and he bit the puppy. I grieved. But now I realize just how much stress having an agressive dog caused: we couldn’t trust him around guests, especially children. Our puppy, Kyla, is so mellow and sweet! She is a comfort.

Now goats on the other hand . . . I had two pet goats: Phillis and Beatrice. How they would love to frolic in the fields and on walks. But goats can do a great deal of damage to your garden in a short period of time. After both died, I vowed not to raise goats again. Good luck!

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