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Tuesday 28 Apr 2009, 07:32
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Smore is doing well, a bit more friendly, and adventurous. In fact he managed to squeeze under our new heavy duty fence, munch on all thirty raspberry plants, plus the Myer lemon tree. All were only in the ground a few days. One of our neighbors was nice enough to come over and rototiller the garden with his tractor.

Stitch has movement of most of his tail.

The bad news is we lost Sheba, our dog today. Looks like her and Mocha got in to a bad fight. She got a wound around the leg body area and in the chest. No idea what set things off. I’m not sure how Mister, our cat will take it. They have been together most of their lives. I was hoping she would of been around when our baby(ies) would of been born, if all goes well. She would of protected them with her life. She was a good companion, many walks, many places. She was the one I was with, when I discovered the address of the devil, that some person put in concrete, on top of an old post, at Fort Huachuca, AZ. My wife wants to get a smaller dog.

Looks like they will put Mocha down tomorrow for it. I’m not sure I agree with that.

To top today off, Mister just puked in front of the bedroom door.



Cap, that sounds like a hell of a day. I’m sorry about your dog. I still miss my one that died two years ago.

Comment by Kym

I am sorry for your loss. Honor your grief, that unconditional pet love is deep.

Thanks for the RR stuff, I will pass it along to Ernie and Eric, the RR buffs, especially the new RR blog!

Comment by olmanriver

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