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New Humboldt County Blog: The Falk and Bear Harbor #1 Steam Locomotives
Monday 27 Apr 2009, 11:14
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The main purpose of this blog is to inform the public of the issues surrounding the cancellation of the 2009 steam up season at Fort Humboldt State Park (home of the Falk and Bear Harbor #1). Hopefully, I can also explain how amazing it is to operate and ride behind a 125 year-old steam locomotive.


Other Articles on the situation:

TS: Steam down: No more Fort Humboldt train rides

According to Timber Heritage Association President Marcus Brown, state parks will be requiring $1,200 per month to allow the “steam-ups” that have been running from April to October.

District Interpretive Specialist Susan Doniger said Friday that the issue comes down to state budgetary restrictions — there just isn’t the money to hire a maintenance person and a ranger to be present for the monthly “steam-ups.” The $1,200 would cover that expense.

TS: Every donkey has its day

Saturday was Donkey Days in Eureka, and the sound of steam blasting through train whistles could be heard from blocks away.

Hosted by the Timber Heritage Association, the event featured free rides on 1880’s wood-burning locomotives that steamed around the grounds of Fort Humboldt State Historic Park, offering the community a glimpse into the region’s timber history.

TS: Roast and Toast


. To California State Parks for implementing requirements this year that prevent the monthly steam-ups at Fort Humboldt through the summer. Somehow, the event survived decades without the presence of additional staff, and the recent change of policy seems arbitrary and unnecessary.

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