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Monday 27 Apr 2009, 12:01
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This conversion, is simply gutting out the tray-load iMac, putting in the guts of a small flat panel, and a Parallax propeller in to control it.

Original plan was to leave the crt in it, then once it died, add a Mac Mini, with large 3.5″ desktop drives. After spending a day trying to make it work, got permission to throw in a LCD.

No mac mini yet, but it will come later, with a KVM to switch between the two.

I figure it is a natural to convert, it has speakers, it has a mic.

The LCD screen, after being gutted, fit almost perfectly, with only a little cutting on the iMac The LCD screen uses 12v, so I’m thinking of powering it eventually off the mini’s ps. This is just a 1st draft. It uses the original fan, and ac plug/socket.

No custom software on it yet, just one of the demos.

Warning!!!!!!!! There is two elements of danger due to high voltage here. One is household voltage, the other is the LCD lamp driver circuit.

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