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NWP progress, thanks to Mike Pechner for the update
Friday 24 Apr 2009, 10:09
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Balfour-Beatty Contractors finished relaying a mile of track with brand new ties from the South end of the Schelville Yard to Wingo yesterday, a distance of over a mile. This section of ROW was severely comprised by the 2003 flood when the Dept. of Fish and Game Levee broke, creating Lake Schelville and washing out the yard and sub-grade all the way to the bridge at Wingo. The only missing piece of rail at this time is the short stretch across the rebuilt Novato Creek Bridge. Late this afternoon, the NWP ran a Work Extra with seven loads of ties from Schelville MP 40.2 all the way to Highway 37 and Sears Pt. MP.33. The contractor unloaded the seven center beams on the south side of the crossing and the W.V. #2502 shoved the cars back to Schelville for interchange with the CFNR at Lombard. Bridge work continues at Black Point and near Ignacio. Ballast needs to be dumped and tamped from top end of Schelville to Wingo. The contractor is about a month ahead of schedule.

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