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Please support retention the Marketing Director position at the Harbor District
Thursday 23 Apr 2009, 07:35
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You guys have no money coming in after the mill closed. How do you intend to pay for this position?

Comment by Anonymous

What has the Marketing Director accomplished?

Comment by Mike Buettner

“Soon after Mr. Lacy was hired, he discovered how little the maritime shipping world knew of Humboldt Bay. Despite several years of attempting to promote the Port of Humboldt Bay prior to the hiring of Mr. Lacy, the 100+ years as a forest products niche port had left the rest of the shipping world unaware of the port. A great deal of the first year of Mr. Lacy’s work at the District was dedicated to educating his vast array of maritime contacts of the existence and services available at the Port of Humboldt Bay.

Mr. Lacy’s technical support has included grant writing, grant and technical document review, monitoring grant schedules, tracking legislation (federal and state) and advising existing and potential maritime businesses and transportation agency representatives. Specific examples of Mr. Lacy’s technical support have included grant applications for Prop 1b (transportation), Stimulus and Prop 1b (port security: $2.4 mil award). Document reviews and commenting include the Redwood Marine Terminal Feasibility Study and Business Plans, HR 1 (Stimulus) and Harbor Maintenance Tax revisions.

Mr. Lacy’s Short Sea Shipping, aka Marine Highways, work has actually been a continuation of a task that Mr. Lacy brought with him from the Port of Oakland where Oakland and the District began working on developing the concept of a coastal barge service between the ports as far back as 2004. Mr. Lacy has been a driving factor in the promotion of a marine highway program through the US Maritime Administration (MARAD) and promoting the concept of a west coast marine highway corridor that from Vancouver, British Columbia to Ensenada, Mexico. Mr. Lacy continues to promote the establishment of a west coast marine highway corridor program through his seat on the Board of the West Coast Corridor Coalition, a multi-state, multi-agency coalition of

transportation agencies along the west coast of the United States. In addition, Mr. Lacy has been a resource for Humboldt Maritime Logistics, a local transportation company that is developing a short sea shipping business along the west coast marine highway corridor.

Regarding cargo research and development, Mr. Lacy has met with many potential shippers to Humboldt Bay that include a variety of forest products, wind turbines, automobiles, aggregates, containerized cargoes, specialty fish processing, ship builders and ship dismantlers. In addition, Mr. Lacy has been in regular contact with 15 international shipping lines that continue to have interest in relocating and investing in Humboldt Bay’s port infrastructure.

As a part of the Redwood Marine Terminal Business Plan process and his work to identify potential tenants, Mr. Lacy has also worked with several large financial institutions on developing financing strategies for various shipping opportunities. He continuously monitors the changing investment climate to keep abreast of private financing opportunities for the District and other harbor tenants.

As the District’s representative on the Cruise the West Coalition, Mr. Lacy has also worked with other west coast ports to develop specialized cruise ship itineraries aimed at establishing regular cruise ship visits to Humboldt Bay for approximately 20 weeks per year. In addition, Mr. Lacy has been able to draw from his vast knowledge in maritime cargo operations to discuss and package similar program management and enticements to the cruise lines. As you will recall, about the same time Mr. Lacy started with the District, the District’s Bar Pilots completed a grant funded program that researched the maximum size vessel that could safely enter Humboldt Bay. Prior to this research, marketing efforts had been hampered because this information was unknown. With this new information and Mr. Lacy’s position available to coordinate and develop outreach, he has spent a great deal of effort in re-educating the cruise lines of the availability and capability of Humboldt Bay in addition to developing and promoting these specific itineraries.”

Comment by capdiamont

Like I said…What has the Marketing Director accomplished?

Comment by Mike Buettner

Cap, we all know that financing a rail line to the Bay Area is unreasonable. And why are we still talking about cruise lines? 20 weeks per year? They don’t even have that many calls in San Francisco. San Francisco! Especially when you take into account the Passenger Vessel Services Act, this is really another pipe dream.

Comment by Anonymous

It seems Wilson Lacy has ingratiated himself to and gained respect of the local business people judging by comments made at the meeting last night. With his background running the Port of Oakland, I suggest that he could, with one hand tied behind his back, absorb the responsibilities of David Hull as well as pursuing whatever marketing efforts are appropriate at this time, and the District can save money by terminating Hull and replacing him with Lacey. It seems to me that the things that the local businesses were thankful for coming from Lacy could have been done by Hull, who seems to have made himself pretty irrelevant. Maybe the Board order to cut $250,000 in salaries PLUS benefits, can be achieved by terminating Hull and one and a half bar pilots.

Comment by Anonymous

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