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Book tells of female U.S. soldiers raped by comrades | U.S. | Reuters
Thursday 16 Apr 2009, 06:52
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Book tells of female U.S. soldiers raped by comrades | U.S. | Reuters.

Some were warned by officers not to go to the latrine by themselves. One began carrying a knife in case she was attacked by comrades. Others said they felt discouraged to report assaults.

Only some were told not to go to the latrine by themselves? It should be all. It was part of our safety briefings. The sad thing is we have this built up idea that sex is nessary, that we have to have it.  Many tales of men combat zone, coming back in to the noncombat redeployment areas, then raping, because they “have” to have it. It is stupid, it has to stop. But how?



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Comment by exrepublican

A retired friend of ours, Jack, has been studying this very issue for several years. Jack one a Pulitizer Prize for an article he wrote for the LA Times. This issue is a tough one for me to deal with, but is does need the light. Many female cadets experienced rape during their training. I heard this issue being discussed on Democracy Now. You are right. It has to stop. I will write Jack and get the latest info. Thanks for writing about this issue.

Comment by Carol

I should read Jack won . . .

Comment by Carol

I can remember being over there, part of the safety briefings was that females should go with a buddy, for either showering or bathroom.

It is like there is a intense war going on against females. Those who are not raped, have this physiological, prison they are put in.

Lost my train of thought.

Comment by capdiamont

Did you served in Iraq or Afganistan or both?

Comment by Auntie Mayme

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