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Track clearing this sat, 9 am at crossing just north of Samoa roundhouse
Wednesday 15 Apr 2009, 08:47
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Not much clearing, mainly clean up. Meet 9am at the crossing just north of the roundhouse

Last weeks went well, though I had to leave early due to bday party setup. I wish to thank those who keep putting timbers on the causeway. From there we just load them up, to get get rid of them. It is making the ROW cleaner and cleaner.



Are there plans to clear the brush to the park in Manila? Might be nice to be able to go that far this summer if and when the speeder is up and running.

Comment by Shawn

We are wanting to clear at least that far. Brush isn’t too bad in that stretch, with only a few stretches of heavy brush.

Comment by capdiamont

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