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The melt down of exrepublican/theo therme/konkler
Wednesday 15 Apr 2009, 07:14
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I don’t know who you are, but you need some serious medication. #1 troll of the area.

Sit down, back away from the computer, do some yoga. Relax.

I had been a soldier, a good ten years, now out, saw a good many places, and that makes me an employee/socialist by their raving, lunatic comments. What does that make retired, or past military members of other nations, such as China, Canada, Britain, Russia, Germany, Viet Naim, etc? By his weird thought, anyone who was in government, is an employee, an socialist.

Actually most governments are not a pure form of anything. It doesn’t seem like a pure form of government can exist, or economic method. IE We are mainly a capitalistic economy. However we have evolved overtime to regulate/change various aspects. Such as environmental impacts, welfare, worker treatment, health care for the poor/needy. Along with that was the creation of various things, good, and bad. Such as highways, and major dams.

Highways, are a good thing of freedom, but at the same time, took lots of time, money, energy to make, and maintain. The rubber tires on pavement isn’t the most efficient way to move goods. Dams, allowed the storage of water, sent it to where it shouldn’t of gone, and helped endanger our fish.

Health care, by the dreamers should be managed by the government. Yet ignore the pitfalls of this. Look at Canada, actually look, at how most doctors won’t take Medicare. Yet that is government run, lots of hoops to go through, for both doctors, and patients. Payments are slower than most private insurance. I have a relative on Medical, with Endometriosis so bad it is pulling internal organs in, so she has to have a hysterectomy, but has to wait three or four months to get the auth.

So I’ll give you a hint. My wife is very happy with me, and I’m very happy with her. It doesn’t matter what size a person is, because your neanderfal brain is too small to make her happy. Part of it, you must understand is we’re in a happy, loving, committed relationship. Your too small minded to understand sex isn’t everything.


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