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Wednesday 8 Apr 2009, 07:09
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New engine in town

In Schellville

Dean Kendrick, of Novato, takes a picture of his sons, Connor, 7-1/2, and Elliott, 6, Sunday afternoon on Willamette Valley engine 2502, which is parked at the railroad station at Eighth Street East and Fremont Drive. The engine, according to Christian Goepel, a train enthusiast, is the first engine to run on the Northwestern Pacific rails in the last eight years and is being used to haul rail ties. It might not be long before Valley residents will again hear train horns.



Hey are those old Starlight passenger rail cars outside of Scotia owned by the NCRA? Are they in good shape?

Comment by Anonymous

I wouldn’t say they were in good, shape, they will take a good amount of work. At a minimum, they will take a recertification of the brake valve/system, fix any vandalism of windows, etc. When I was a conductor, employed by the Eureka Inn’s Christmas runs, we has to heat them up with one of those propane, tube heaters. So heater, and electrical will need to be redone. Add to that, I think they don’t use a holding tank for the toilets. IE straight down it goes. Plus move costs.

Comment by capdiamont

“we has to heat them up”

And weze feel a deap sadness fer ya.

Comment by Bernie

oh, sorry, had to heat them up.

Comment by capdiamont

Proof reading could be considered a virtue.

Comment by Bernie

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