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Visiting Roots – The Willits News
Monday 6 Apr 2009, 06:36
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Visiting Roots – The Willits News.

In the misty afternoon of March 4, the kids from First Steps Daycare and their accompanying adults visited the Roots of Motive Power facility, rode a historic train and toured the Mendocino County Museum.

The group was able to board one of Roots’ antique trains, complete with a coal-burning stove and viewing deck. They rode the train around the baseball fields located on the north side of Commercial Street.

The kids gleefully laughed and were sometimes startled with the train’s creaks, jerks and “chugga-chuggas” as it made its way around the track.



hey I noticed last weekend that they paved over the rails in Willits. What gives?

Comment by Anonymous

I think Fred did a post about it. It was done by Caltrans a little while ago. A couple of motorcyclists got hurt.

Comment by capdiamont

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