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Fixing windows computers
Tuesday 31 Mar 2009, 08:19
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As what happens, I end up fixing friends, and families computers, except the ones converted over to Mac. Those I can play dumb on.

Past week I had to fix an XP malware infected that it wouldn’t boot. Fixed by putting in my desktops harddrive as boot, scanning, moved the aspiring writer’s files over, reformat, reinstall windows, and move the files back over. I installed avast to help protect it, open office, and every update there was. The irony with windows is you should keep it off line to prevent hackers/crackers/script kiddies from getting in, yet you need to keep it online to have the updates downloaded. I recommended keeping it on overnight, once a week.

The second computer uses the highly secure windows vista which was defeated by malware. I wish Microsoft would quit lying to us on security, just give up producing operating systems, state that they are too stupid to make windows secure, for it is an impossible job. The irony of this one was the user’s password didn’t work. So searching around brought this tip of using this Linux distribution to eliminate the password. I also did virus scanning with it. Problem solved, saved files. Reformatted harddrive, reinstalled windows, and still having problems booting up. I gave up, let Dell fix it. In theory reformatting the harddrive would of fixed it.

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