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NCRA Press release on 1st work train
Friday 27 Mar 2009, 04:48
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1st work train on the NWP

Balfour Beatty's leased locomotive with three carloads of crossties to be distributed between Schellville and Wingo. This is the first operating locomotive on the NWP since 2001. Crossties have already been installed in the track shown in this photo.

PRESS RELEASE – March 25, 2009
On Wednesday, March 25 a work train crossed the Napa River to deliver crossties for installation on the
Northwestern (NWP) rail line between Napa County (Lombard) and Windsor. This marks the first time a
train has run on the NWP line since 2001, according to North Coast Rail Authority’s (NCRA’s)
Cloverdale Chairman, Allan Hemphill.
The work train, which will only be used to deliver crossties and materials related to track repairs, traveled
from the national rail interchange near American Canyon (Lombard) northwest across the Brazos lift
bridge, which spans the Napa River, to Schellville in Sonoma County. The work train is part of NCRA’s
$35 million effort to repair the NWP line from the national rail interchange to Windsor with freight
service scheduled to begin on this phase in October.
Hemphill said that before freight service can commence, NCRA must certify the Draft Environmental
Impact Report (DEIR) issued for public comment on March 9, and the Federal Railroad Administration
(FRA) must certify that the track, bridges, and crossing signals meet FRA safety requirements.
“Witnessing a work train on this historic line, after such a long hiatus, was very exhilarating,” said
Hemphill also pointed out that NCRA is working closely with the Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit
(SMART) agency to ensure that SMART’s planned commuter service would benefit from all the repairs
on the portion of the NWP line the 2 agencies share between Novato and Cloverdale.

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