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Humboldt Bay Harbor District meeting 26 Mar 2009
Thursday 26 Mar 2009, 07:23
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Commissioner Hunter brought up a business wanting to produce solar cells here. It would use as much water as a mill, and as much power as Humboldt County uses.

Budget, started by staff in Nov 2008

Possible income increases:

Require all tank vessels to have pilots.

Petrusha can teach classes on navsim 400 a day which would help offset pilot cost.

Pilots work in San Fran to recoup their salary

Surcharge was originally set up as 60% of deeping loan cost, now under 20%


No pilot, per presentation

5 years all commercial shipping ceases.


No over 300 gross tons

Corps will not dredge

No more work on shole problem.

Abandoned boats

Legislation may require Humboldt bay pilots

Humboldt bay at bottom of pilots salerly compared to other ports.

Legal due to restrictions on dock owners

Cargo still expected to grow in long term.

Per ship income.

$10k pilot

$2.5k tie up

Pilot boat $15k to $25k

Custom fee $930

plus many more fees.

Ships are big money

Impression is pilot options were either or, as presented. Budget was though the Redwood dock project was a forgone conclusion. As much as I want it, I think the budget should of been more as a matrix, to present with and without the project. I have to wonder if the budget presents an approval of the project.

I asked Mike Wilson later why not solar to reduce costs, he said staff, and other commissioners didn’t want to go that route, but that was before Higgins was on the board.

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