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Novato, Black Point, Schellville, and Brazos
Saturday 7 Mar 2009, 05:50
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Went through Petaluma trying to get to the trestle north of town because work is reported to be going on there. Couldn’t find a good close enough road to take photos. I didn’t feel like hiking down the tracks to take a look.

Next stop was to check out the trestle over the Novato Creek. Almost done just need to raise the roadbed on each side to the height of the raised trestle, and add the rails. The top of the trestle now matches the top of the levees. I think this will eliminate the sandbags needed for the levee gaps, and allow more water to pass underneath. Add to this Marin actually dredged the creek last year should greatly reduce the chance of flooding. The levees probably came after the railroad leading to the difference in height before1st three photos.

Noticed dirt bikers using the wye under highway 37.

Black Point was pretty neat. One of the locals gave me permission to go on his property to photograph. Some of the locals use the bridge as a fishing pier. Fishing wasn’t good today.  Photos 4-6 are Black Point. Anybody want a good railfan, and fishing house?

Schellville area mainline and wye had a lot of ties marked for replacement, pulled out for replacement, ready to be pushed in, or already replaced. I’m not sure if so many were bad, or just not good enough. Sounds weird, but you reserve the best ties for the mainline, then reuse the ok ties on the yard, sidings, and spurs. Lots of used ties, new ties, and new spikes. Photos 7 – 10 are Schellville. The buckets are spikes. I love my zoom.

Between Schellville and Brazos bridge not so many ties needed to be replaced.

Here is the Wingo cut off. The raised area was the old short cut which allowed trains to bypass Schellville and highway 12. Nice wildlife area and parking. Wish I could of gotten closer to where the row broke. Next three are the Ramal end of the Wingo bypass, the last two are West side of Brazos bridge.

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