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Railfanning Santa Rosa and Petaluma this past weekend
Wednesday 4 Mar 2009, 08:28
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The 1st ten pictures are in Santa Rosa around in in the Depot.  Inside the Depot is the California Welcome Center, and railroad museum. You can actually move the semophore that is outside from the inside levers that are in photo 2. The 1st photo is the after shot, I’m not sure why it showed up 1st.  The model train has controls so you can operate it, I didn’t try to.

The rest are in Petaluma. The 1st one is some of the signals by the Petaluma Depot. The 2nd to the 4th of the Petaluma shots are of the Petaluma Trolly groups area and equipment. I had to aim my cameria through the wire, to get good shots, no tresspassing. The track for them isn’t connecting to anything anymore. At one time it went behind me over a tressle to the middle track in the last photo of my gallery. The next photo would of been to the right and behind me of the 4th Petaluma photo. Since the Army Corps of Enginereers removed the tressle for flood control, they had to build a new spur from this industry to the mainline, before it crosses the waterway. The 5th Petaluma photo is the bridge crossing the same waterway. Rail on it is dated 2004.

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