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Tuesday 3 Mar 2009, 07:01
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Volunteers have been doing lots of things lately. On Friday [Feb ]20 Mike Kellogg trimmed some bushes near the entrance gate to the Samoa Roundhouse and other buildings. Now when we exit from the Roundhouse complex we can better see the cars coming from the vicinity of the Cookhouse! Thank you, Mike.

Byron Baker has got the engine running on the Hyster forklift. However, when he tried to lift some track sections there was a failure in the hydraulic system for lifting the forks. He is currently working on that.

Dan Hauser completed our input to the THA portion of the EIR (Environmental Impact Review) and delivered it to Dave Hull, Harbor District Exec. Dir., to the latter’s satisfaction.

Bert Bertolini (with a little help form Carl Casale and Gerry Tomczak and possibly others) is close to finishing repair of the radiator from the large air compressor in our collection. Bert disassembled the radiator and removed the core and took it to Rod’s Radiators in Redding. They ordered a new one, which was picked up and delivered to Arcata courtesy of Bettendorf Trucking.

Gerry Tomczak took a little worn AMRR Speeder brake shoe sample to Bayard Smith’s workshop (under construction). Here Bayard using an ingenious router jig was able to cut a near perfect radius on a wood pattern for a casting to fit the 20 inch wheels of the speeder. He finished it off the brake shoe pattern by trimming and tapering it to fit and be easily removed from sand molds before casting. After a call to coordinate the casting at Sunset Foundry in Valley Springs, Gerry Tomczak packaged the wood pattern plus the worn down brake shoe from the speeder and shipped it via UPS to the foundry. David Fradites at Sunset Foundry will check the metal and match it with a new casting.

The track cleaning crew worked on Saturday, Feb 21, and now have gotten more than 1 ½ miles of track cleared. Gary, Larry, Bob, Rod, Carl, and Allan worked on Saturday, Feb 21, loading the dump truck with brush many times. The crew led by Allan will work again tomorrow, Saturday, Feb 28, beginning at 9:00 AM meeting near the Roundhouse entrance gate.

Gerry Tomczak

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