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Med Marijuana
Tuesday 3 Mar 2009, 07:59
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Sonoma medical marijuana billboard

Sonoma medical marijuana billboard

Good news though you can get a 10% discount if your a senior, or a vet. Otherwise you have to pay full price so they can make their profit.  Most of the time, most of the people, it is just a farce. I love how people can be so anti business, etc screaming against the greed, profit, and corruption, but it is ok with marijuana.

Granted there is a few people who  I know of who have used it, needed it, and didn’t want it.

Person A, needed it, someone found out they had seeds left over, they were like you can make some money. Most of the time it is about the greedy money. A, was like it was a plant you idiot. Later on, their son grew it, indoors, they ended up with a massive electrictal bill, his only response was to turn down the home’s heating thermostats, to save money! Most of you growers should rot in hell.

Person B, needed it for a special type of brain cancer, to kill it off.



Why is it that supposed “Christians” like you always need someone to hate?

Didn’t Jesus say, ‘Love thy enemy’?

Look for common ground and find solutions. Don’t spew hate.

Remember what your core beliefs really mean.

Comment by Snickerdoodles

He was also all about hating the sin, or did you miss that? Does it occur to you the majority of the love of the garbage, is pure and simple greed, IE the love of money. When the culture is ok with diesel spills, heavy herbicide, heavy electricity use, heavy fertilizer, damaging homes, it is plain and simple ugliness. Ok, also armed resistance, taking of another’s life. For what?

Comment by capdiamont

I saw that sign when we were heading down to the Bay Area on Sunday. I’ll have to admit I was somewhat stunned by it.

Comment by Fred Mangels

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