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Track clearing for 28 Feb 2009
Monday 2 Mar 2009, 03:11
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I’m told clearing went well. I couldn’t be there due to having to work. The A&MR RR speeder can now reach the first crossing in Manilla. That’s the good thing.

Several bad notes though, one person drove by showing their IQ or in other words the bird.

Other thing was someone called the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department claiming illegal construction.

We are not doing any construction, we are just clearing the track. We are not allowed, nor do we want to do construction at this point. There is many reasons for this position. We are clearing it so the operator can look at the track to get an accurate estimate of cost, and effort of fixing the track to get our tourist train running. We can run small rail mounted equipment on the rails now without any construction. We do not have the permission of the NCRA to do any construction. Any construction would be done by the NCRA, the operator, or their sub- contractor due to environmental reports and work done has to be FRA certified.

Why is that you couldn’t talk?

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