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Borders fun
Friday 20 Feb 2009, 09:27
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Wife had an interesting purchase experance at Borders.

Went to go buy a book and accidently used her dad’s card. Mind you we had permission to use it at Costco with pin and we used the self checkout. But at borders the person checks the ID vs the card and approved the sale. Putting the card away my wife says oh I gave you the wrong one. The checker says oh I kinda noticed they didn’t match. The names don’t match at all. I thought procedure would of been to reject the transition, or at least question it.

EDIT 13Apr2009: To be clear for the whiny Exrepublican, it was an accident, that we didn’t want to happen.



it amazes me how many grown adults leach off of their parents. are wages so low that the average person cant even feed themselves?

many of the people who are able to mooch off of their parents would balk at the mention of any “welfare” program for others. ironic.

why would you get married if you cant afford it?

Comment by exrepublican

Wow, went in a direction I didn’t expect. Actually, the costco thing was to buy paper for him. The stuff there we wanted, we paid for.

Comment by capdiamont

good deal….married couples living off of their parents is a huge pet peeve of mine…

Comment by exrepublican

Sounds like some x-Repub got up on the wrong side of bed – or maybe they have a sibling draining the family inheritance.

Anyway, what occurred to me is more along the lines of “anything to make the sale” or “don’t rock the boat,” which is the kind of thinking that allows people to get away with credit card fraud.

Comment by Bob

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