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NCRA News: Replacing ties on the south end, and great post by Ernie
Thursday 19 Feb 2009, 08:08
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Allen Tracy posted this yesterday:

This morning a track crew is replacing ties between Payran Street
(Park Siding) and the Cinnabar trestle in Petaluma. Rail vehicles are
a speeder, four wheel flatbed trailer, and a crane-mounted supply
trailer. Four pick up trucks to bring gandydancers to the site.

Ernie has a great post on Cain Rock and the golden spike.
Gotta love his blog. Great resource for how things used to be.

One anonymous commenter had this tidbit:

Seriously, it’s too bad someone doesn’t post the old story of the log truck drivers who torched the timbers in one of the railroad tunnels between Fortuna & Miranda, causing it to collapse. What a novel way to ensure the logs travel south only by truck, huh?
Oh, the secrets you overhear on a bar stool.
“There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip.”

Though, nobody has ever come out with who did it, some have blamed SP itself, trying to get out of running the railroad. It was one of those mysteries.


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