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THA Track clearing 7 Feb 2009
Saturday 7 Feb 2009, 07:52
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We had a good showing of six people today. We touched up the area just north of the Samoa bridge. Then moved north all the way to north of the causeway. Then worked on opening it back up, and widening it for the hyrail dump truck plus later AMRR speeder/trains. It is taking longer due to the need to widen the cleared area. We were able to get enough cleared to get close to the southern end of the hill.

The next section will require more saw bladed weedeaters than chain saws. By the hill will require chain saw use. Looking at the long range forcast there is a 60% chance of rain. As things get closer we will call it go or no go.

I was hoping to get started this month on new area north of the first crossing in Manila.

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