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Stimulus Update: Thoroughly Unstimulating « Transbay Blog
Friday 6 Feb 2009, 08:28
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Stimulus Update: Thoroughly Unstimulating « Transbay Blog.

The U.S. Senate has been going through rounds of amendments on its version of the economic stimulus bill. Unfortunately, as far as transit is concerned, the discussion in the Senate has gone from bad to worse. Last week, we examined the transportation provisions included in the original Senate version; while that version included $2 billion allocated to high-speed rail, it included only $8.4 billion total for transit, and no money for fixed guideway modernization, New Starts, or transit operation. It also provided for $5.5 billion of competitive grants, to be awarded at the discretion of the Secretary of Transportation to all types of transportation projects, including both highways and transit. A proposal from Charles Schumer (D-New York) to add $6.5 billion for transit was a promising development. But since then, certain senators — including, shamefully, California’s very own Barbara Boxer — have proposed to gut the already-paltry transit stimulus and to redirect new money toward highways:

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