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Stitch doing better
Thursday 5 Feb 2009, 08:47
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Well he seems to be doing better. Less pain, less noise, less freaking out, and more willing to move on his own.

This morning we found him on our dog Sheba’s bed. We figure it was the only soft spot on the floor and he didn’t want to jump back up. This is the cat that normally has no tolerance for dog. He will, even during this injury, hiss, and spit at them. Sheba on the other hand had the look of utter terror on her face from being scared of Stitch would. Stitch was calm. We saved our poor 50-60 pound dog by moving our 14 pound cat back on the bed.

I’ve never understood how such a small thing can dominate much larger things. Such as previously mentioned. Also what weird sleeping positions us humans end up, just because a cat wanted such and such spot during the night.


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Speaking as a mom who occasionally shares her bed with my little guy, I KNOW how contorted we can get—please convey my sympathies to your back which is probably out of sorts right now.

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